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    Dina Real Estate
    Your Personal Property Service in Israel

    Helping people buy, sell and invest in property!

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    Specializing in all aspects of owning property in Israel

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    Buy Your Home

    Are you moving to Israel and want a trusted broker to help you with your search? Are you moving locations within Israel and want to understand more about potential communities to move to? Whatever your purchasing requirements, Dina Real Estate can introduce you to a range of properties. 
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    Selling Your Property

    Dina Real Estate has a significant client base looking to buy homes in Israel. We maximize your property value and handle all negotiations in a professional manner. 
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    Management Services

    Whether you are abroad or located in Israel, Dina Real Estate is experienced in managing your property investment from rent collection, assistance with banking services, maintenance and tenant liaison. We also have a directory of trusted tradesman to keep your property in top condition and handle repairs. 
  • Meet Dina

    With over a decade experience, Dina is well placed to
    help you with your property search 

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    Dina has over twenty years experience buying, selling and managing property for Anglo and Israeli clients across Israel, particularly specializing in locations such as Jerusalem, Rehovot, Ramat Bet Shemesh and Yad Binyamin. Dina is fluent in both Hebrew and English and understands all your needs when it comes to making your first purchase as an Oleh or buying your next home in Israel.   
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    Your home is the single most important purchase you will make in your life. Dina will guide you through the different communities so you can make the right choice for you. From schools, to services and other amenities you may need, Dina will show you the full picture and provide excellent advice.  to Dina Real Estate is your trusted broker when it comes to handling your transactions, negotiating with other parties and helping you navigate through the process as smoothly as possible. 
  • Property in Israel
    Always a Good Investment

    Whether you are looking to buy your own home or invest in residential real estate, Israel has proven to be a super market to make good returns. Being such a small country with limited annual new builds coming to market each year, take advantage of getting on to the ladder. Dina Real Estate will help you make the right choice in a range of locations across the country. 

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